Recently, I’ve read two articles which drew my attention. They tackle the history and the aims of the EU enlargement and its foreign policy.

Illustration by Peter Schrank, The Economist

Illustration by Peter Schrank, The Economist

The Big Enlargement: Concerns and Issues of an Unprecedent Integration

I agree with the author when she says that at that point, the EU had no other choice than to enlarge. Nevertheless, I think that the EU did several political mistakes and it’s suffering of overxtension since 2004. It is quite obvious that some of the countries that joined the EU didn’t (do they now?) really share the core interests and values of the EU15, not to speak of the fragile economic and social structures deriving from the Socialist era. The Cyprus issue has never been solved, while Turkey is still part of the accession process. What about the political situation in Hungary?

The absence of a long-term coherent foreign policy strategy has also miscalculated the outcomes of the EU enlargement and that’s quite clear now with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.


Closing Europe’s Strategy Gap

I totally agree with this take on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP): a reconceptualization of the ENP is much needed. We need an ENP which takes into account not only the differences among the EU’s partner countries, but also the long-term core interests of a coherent foreign policy strategy. Thus far, the European External Action Service and the High Representative have proven to be quite irrelevant and I don’t think that the Juncker Commission will make relevant political efforts in order to change the status quo.
So… good luck, Mogherini.



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